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This loop of the Marne (c.25 miles from Paris) has been populated since Neolithic times. With 3rd century Roman built walls partly still standing; and since the 5th century a bishopric city – this Episcopal city is one of the few remaining in France. Details
Tropea at dawn


The origins of Tropea are a mystery but there is evidence that it was being fortified against invasion by the Goths in 535 AD and that it existed at the time of the Roman Empire. Pliny mentioned it in his writings. During the Renaissance it reached a period of splendour, commercial, mercantile and literary.Details


is the capital of the Yonne department and the fourth-largest city in Burgundy nesting beside the Yonne river. Noted for its production of Burgundy wine including the world-famous Chablis. Home of the Gothic style Cathedral of St. Étienne (11th–16th centuries) with the finest stained glass windows in France.Details